If you spot orange cones and signs of construction on the road, you better watch your speed.

The Michigan House just passed legislation that would allow automated speed enforcement systems to be placed in construction zones, as reported by clickondetroit.com.

Will These Be in Every Construction Zone?

No. The Michigan Department of Transportation would consult with Michigan State Police to determine which construction zones should have these automatic speed enforcers.

From what I can tell, they'll be focusing on construction zones where there's a lack of barriers between construction crews and traffic and where workers are present. It sounds like the main focus of these proposed systems is to protect workers.

In 2022 alone, 16 people were killed in work zones in Michigan. Something that can, hopefully, be avoided with these automatic speed enforcers and the new distracted driving law.

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How Will The Speed Enforcers Work?

If passed, these systems would snap a picture of any car traveling 10 mph or more above the speed limit in the construction zone. That image would include the license plate, date, and time of the incident.

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That image would then be reviewed by law enforcement who would then determine if a citation is needed.

First-time offenders will get a warning. The second offense would earn you a $150 fine. Every offense after that would result in a $300 fine.

While this legislation has been passed by the Michigan House, it still needs to be approved by the Michigan Senate.

You can read the full bills here :

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