Parents in Ohio have a lot to coordinate when it comes to their daily schedule as well as their child's schedule. Not all parents have the same schedule as their kids regarding school pick-up and drop-off times and what happens when summer begins and they're no longer in school? When is it legally ok to leave a child home alone in Ohio?


What Are The Laws For Leaving A Child Home Alone In Ohio?

And it's not just school schedules that create opportunities for kids to be left home alone in Ohio. Sometimes you need to make a quick trip to the store or have an appointment where you can't bring your child. But is there a time limit on how long a child can be left home alone in Ohio? And is it illegal to leave them home alone in Ohio?

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Every parent eventually faces the decision to leave their child home alone for the first time. A babysitter cancels, no money for child care, or just not having child care generally are all reasons for leaving kids home alone. And at some point, they're mature enough to handle that time alone. According to the State website, Ohio law does not indicate an age at which children can be left unattended. Parents are encouraged to consider their child's maturity level and ability to make safe and sensible decisions. It's also important to talk with your children about how they feel about staying home alone to gauge their level of readiness.

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