While I was out Saturday, casting tomatoes to star in my award winning Dave Benson's Eating Kalamazoo episode, I noticed right across the road, construction. And a sign.

Right there at D Ave. and US 131 is going up a Dollar Store. Maybe there's a crying need for a dollar store in that area. There's a few subdivision down D Ave. And the only other businesses are gas and food. And a dollar store can double for a convenience store as most have some food items and maybe even milk.

But it also made me wonder. Are there more dollar stores or more Walgreens? There seems to be a Walgreens on darn near every corner. But since the second Great Depression, dollar stores seem to be just about as prevalent.

Dollar Store D Ave
Dave Benson/TSM

I don't have an answer for this, and there's really no point to be made other than, maybe we didn't recover all that well from that Depression nine years ago. Or maybe we're spending so much money on things like phones and personal entertainment, that we need to save somewhere.


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