They are called Snowy owls and they have made their way to West Michigan. reported that these lovely birds live in the plains of the Arctic tundra (located near the North Pole), but...

"On occasion, snowy owls will travel south during the winter months and can be found in flat open areas around West Michigan."

The two best places to hopefully spot one of these amazing creatures would be the Kalamazoo Airport and the Muskegon County wastewater site.  The reason why the Snowy owl picks those places is because are flat and lack trees.

Other place that the Snowy owl has been seen...

  • All through Allegan County where there is a lot of flat land.
  • Coopersville farms. There are been reports of seeing the birds perched on top of fence posts and traffic signs.
  • Gerald R. Ford airport.
  • Holland airport.
  • Van Buren County has reported seeing them.

Maybe there are here and we are not seeing them because the are blending into the snow.

Have you seen a Snowy owl? Where?!?!

Amazing Facts About These Lovely Animals...

  • Snowy owls usually mate for life
  • The Female Snowy owl can lay from 3 to 11 eggs
  • The Snowy owl nest is on the ground
  • The Snowy owl is active during the day were most owls hunt at night
  • The Snowy owl is most active at dawn and dusk


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