This burglar may be connected to Taco Bell break-ins cover Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Taco Bell burglar has created quite the reputation for himself over the last year.  Joshua James Logue, a 30-year-old from Columbus, Ohio has allegedly kept himself busy targeting Taco Bell restaurants all over the Midwest.

Pennsylvania law enforcement were investigating a string of robberies when they identified Logue as their bad guy according to the Observer Reporter,

A warrant was issued Tuesday for Logue’s arrest; however, he’s incarcerated in Adams County, Indiana.

Yes, he was arrested for a string of Taco Bell break-ins when he was busted.  Law enforcement then connected their suspect to 30 additional cases across 3 other states.

In case you're keeping score, this guy allegedly broke into multiple Taco Bells in each of five states.  That's just that we know of.

You may be wondering why the Taco Bell Burglar breaks into so my restaurants.  He is apparently getting very small amounts at each robbery.  He is reportedly getting between $300-$900 per run to the boarder.

I'm in no way a professional criminal.  Nor do I condone steeling in any form.  However, if you're risking your safety and freedom 30-50 times over the course of a year.  Shouldn't you aim a little higher than $300.  Maybe closed Taco Bell restaurants are not the best target.  In fact, the cost of the damage of each break in is far more than the amount of money he's walking away with.

The suspect was not only caught on multiple security cameras breaking into cash registers with a hammer.  They even clearly caught his getaway vehicle on camera according to

There's no word on if this guy stole the Taco Bell menu.  But I can tell you we all want to old menu back.

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