The Amish community in Ohio emphasizes traditional values and customs and tends to live a simple life compared to our fast-paced, digital-age society. While they choose to live a simple life, there are rules within the community that the Amish strictly adhere to. And among those rules, there are guidelines for Amish women that may seem restrictive to outsiders.


Women in Ohio's Amish Country Must Obey These Rules

The Buckeye State is home to the second-highest overall Amish population in the world, according to World Atlas. Holmes, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, and Geauga counties are home to the world's largest Amish populations. And most people in these Ohio Amish Country communities live just like everyone else. They work, go to school, go to church, and do most of the things that other people do. However, there are a few differences between Amish and non-Amish people due to their religious beliefs and traditional customs. Some of those customs include rules for women, outlining the expectations and responsibilities they must uphold within the community.

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According to Amish Baskets, here are a few rules Amish women must follow:

  • They can't cut their hair- An Amish woman usually grows her hair long and puts it in a bun under the prayer covering on her head.
  • They must submit to their husbands- This means that they must defer to their husband's wishes and opinions.
  • They must dress plainly- Amish women typically wear simple, conservative clothing such as long dresses with aprons and generally avoid bright colored clothing.
  • They're unlikely to work outside of the home-This is because their primary role is to take care of the home and family.

While some of these rules may seem restrictive for women, it does not mean that Amish women are powerless. They have a great deal of influence within the home and community and are viewed as the backbone of the Amish community.

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