For those who should know by now, I've been down with ICP since 1997, and in recent years they've become more popular and widely accepted, which is a far cry after being named the worst band ever over 20 years ago. What many people may not realize is that these dudes have been wrestlers and wrestling fans their entire life. They are very close the founding family of XICW, The Monroe's (Malcom "Sweet Daddy" Monroe, The DBA, & MM3) which is the longest lasting promotion in Michigan. But recently a good buddy Mankini from Faygoluvers popped with excitement like all of us after seeing AEW's Nyla Rose send an invite to ICP to make their debut at AEW in Detroit:

Wrestling fans, it was only a matter of time! It looks that with the debut of AEW in Detroit on June 29th, former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose has reached out to ICP via Twitter, to invite them on the show and “runamuck” and “cause shenanigans.” I for one, am absolutely here for this! And would assume that you all are too! So, at this point, we need to make sure ICP sees this, and make sure to let Nyla Rose that THIS HAS TO HAPPEN now. Peep her full tweet below!

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There has been some controversy between ICP and WWE in the past, after ICP claims WWE never held their part of the agreement which was made in 1999 when they worked with the company. But as far as I know, AEW has been very open with working with many different kinds of wrestlers and entertainers, and if ICP's music hits that night, I'm gonna go nuts. Do you think they'll show?

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