I know I'm going to sound like a mouthpiece for the tourism people, but last week in the UP was phenomenal, as usual.

We took a pop up camper the the Upper Peninsula, and parked it at Straits State Park right next to the Mackinac Bridge. It's probably our fourth time there and the last time was two year ago, it was 55 degrees and raining sideways- in the middle of July.

Not last week. 81 degrees every day; not a cloud in the sky until Thursday. And just to pay this forward, if you want to swim at a wonderful beach on Lake Michigan, take US 2 west of St. Ignace about 10 miles. There you'll find about six miles of coastline, and most importantly, sandy, not rocky beach.

And thankfully, Kathy and our friend Deb are wonderful cooks. So we had Salmon on the fire pit. And woke up to banana bread for breakfast with percolator coffee.

The only downside, at the brewery at Tahquamenon Falls, the selection was limited and rather bland, but the food and the ice cream were good.