Braydon Lightbody is celebrating his 'Golden Birthday' on February 18th and we would love for you to help celebrate it with him!

Braydon  Lightbody's Mom, Amanda, reached out 'The Morning Mayhem with Tess And Heather' with an incredible request...

"My son has autism and is a student in the Autism class at Grandville High School and his 18th birthday is on February 18. His "golden birthday" is a big (ok, huge) deal to him and as a surprise to him I am asking people to send him a birthday card or even a birthday note. I am asking anyone and everyone join in and make his entry to adulthood amazing, please!!"


What is a 'Golden Birthday'?

A person's "Golden Birthday" is when they turn the age of their date of birth. It is also referred to as the "Lucky Birthday", the "Champagne Birthday", or the "Star Birthday".

How To Help Celebrate This Great Mile Stone...

Please send a birthday card or a birthday note to Braydon at...

4351 West Grand Blvd, Walker Michigan 49534

Lets join together and help make Braydon's Birthday amazing!

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