I eat what I eat, and that's both really good for me, and also limiting if you're doing a regular eating feature. So, feast on this: A "very special" (as the TV shows going for award nominations would call it) road trip edition of "Dave Benson's Eating Kalamazoo.Kath and I read about the "Dill Dog" at One Bun in Grand Rapids. And since we both love hot dogs, and were in Grand Rapids, we made our way to One Bun, on Division Street.

What the Dill Dog is, is a hollowed out dill pickle used as a bun for a hot dog, and filled with all sorts of condiment options. I had one with everything, even breaking the cardinal rule of "NEVER PUT KETCHUP ON A HOT DOG". (Them's the rules, I don't make them)

Even with ketchup on it, it was really good. Whereas a bun is essentially flavorless, the pickle with it's vinegar and brine gives the dog an added dimension. And a crunch when you bite into it. And if you're counting carbs, well, a pickle is better than bun bread.

One other thing you should know about One Bun; if you're a fan of Yester-Dog, One Bun has something very similar they call a "Sloppy Dog".

The Dill Dog is only $2.20, which, in today's world, is cheap.

So here's the video.


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