The naked alleged auto thief caused major damage to a Jackson County truck.

According to,

Officers received the strange call about the crash near a home at the intersection of Clark Lake and Cranberry Lake roads at around 1 a.m., Wednesday, May 20, Napoleon Township Police Chief Duaine Pittman said.

When the police officers arrived they found more than just a smashed up truck and a dead deer.  They found a 31-year-old woman wearing nothing but an orange safey vest and a hat that she found in the truck that she allegedly stole.

The question that we're all asking while reading this remains unanswered.  Why was she naked?

Here's what we do know.  The woman was with someone earlier that night and was kicked out of the vehicle she was in.  We also know that security cameras caught the naked woman stealing the truck from the Jackson County Department of Transportation lot.  And no pervs, that video was not released.

The butt naked truck booster was arrested on two outstanding felony warrants after she underwent medical and mental evaluation at Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

Police say drugs may have been a factor.

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