A man loves his Ranch Dressing so much that Police were called to calm him down.

A restaurant in Sterling Heights, (no word on which restaurant, only that it is located on 15 mile road) had a run in with a patron regarding Ranch Dressing.

I know many people who are so crazy about Ranch Dressing that they smother every piece of food they eat with the creamy condiment. Who I don't know is the person that is willing to cause a scene because they have to eat a meal without it. But that is exactly what happened recently.

WDIV of Detroit reported that...

A customer threatened workers at a Sterling Heights restaurant when they told him he couldn't have ranch dressing with his order.

Police were contacted immediately and no physical assault took place. At this time it is unclear if charges will pressed against the ranch loving man.

Just a thought for the man who was so distraught about not having ranch with his meal, He might consider bring his own bottle when he dines out.



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