Jessica Thompson is blowing up on TikTok with her eco-friendly videos.

Thompson runs Michigan's 1st zero waste shop.  The Bee Joyful Shop is on the Kalamazoo Mall downtown.  She has found creative ways to market her business and deliver messages about being eco-friendly while filming videos that follow popular TikTok Trends.  BeeJoyfulJess currently has nearly 52,000 followers and over 1.4 million likes on the wildly popular app.

Jessica has multiple videos clocking in at over 100,000 views.  Like this TikTok where she does her best Paris Hilton.  This video has over 717 thousand views and nearly 143 thousand likes.

Thompson also promotes some of her eco-friendly, zero-waste products in this tiktok that has over 674 thousand views.

Following the "if you do that" trend on TikTok Jessica pulled in nearly half a million views on this video.

Check out all more TikToks from BeeJoyfulJess by clicking here.  The Bee Joyfull shop is in downtown Kalamazoo just put 243 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI in your gps.

We are featuring a Southwest Michigan TikTok creator every week on-air and online every Tuesday for #TikTokTuesday.  If there is someone that you think we should highlight, Friend us on TikTok and send us a message @DanaOnAir or @ThatChickChelsea.  We look forward to seeing your favorite TikToks.

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