Once you hear this Wiggles song you will never forget it, especially if it is because you are trapped on a 2 flight, sitting in front of the kid singing it.

Tess Taylor reported this morning that Ryan Reynolds told ABC that he dislikes flying with his children.

“I would rather drink a piping hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children. At 2 years old they just have to rip all their clothes off and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane, it’s just like, ‘Please can we land in a farmer’s field?'”

Not only can parents relate to that, but people without children can as well. I was flying from Colorado to Detroit a number of years ago, when a little boy in the seat behind me was kicking my seat and repeatedly singing "Yummy, yummy...fruit salad...yummy yummy..." over and over. About an hour and a half into the two hour flight, I lost it. I stood up and said something along the lines of "REALLY?!?!?!" My husband quickly apologized for me, and I sat back down. Not the best way to handle it, but the child only whispered the song for the next half hour and stopped kicking the chair. Once we landed I mumbled an apologize and hustled off the plane.

Ever had an experience on a flight that has stuck with you? I would love to hear your tales!


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