Our Commander and Chief Donald Trump is making sure we know he loves us by once again taking to social media.

According to The Detroit Free Press President Donald Trump Tweeted...

"Will be going to Detroit, Michigan (love), today for a big meeting on bringing back car production to State & U.S. Already happening!"

President Trump is making his way to Detroit to speak at the American Center for Mobility at Willow Run, whose motto is " Driving The Future Of Transportation". According to their web-site...

"The American Center for Mobility is a non-profit testing and product development facility for future mobility, designed to enable safe validation of connected and automated vehicle technology, and accelerate the development of voluntary standards."

WXYZ.com is reporting that President Trump is...

"expected to speak about a new review of federal auto fuel economy and emissions rules."

Top automakers are expected to attend as this is a topic they have been concerned with for awhile.

The President is on his way to our great State so I thought it might be fun to find out some interesting facts about the man.

Five Facts You Might Not Know About Donald Trump...

  1. President Trump Is A Germaphobe - He dose not like shaking hands with people.
  2. President Trump Punched His Music Teacher In The Face - In his book 'The Art Of The Deal', Trump said he blackened the teachers eye because "I didn't think he knew anything about music".
  3. In 2007 President Trump Launched His Own Vodak Brand - The product flopped and has since been discontinued.
  4. President Trump Does NOT Drink - Makes fact number 3 interesting don't you think?
  5. President Trump Once Had His Own Board Game- Back in the 80's the President had his own game called 'Trump"

For other interesting fact about President Trump check out The Sun.

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