We just faced the most treacherous winter storm in Michigan this whole year and from the looks of social media, it hasn't fazed any of us. All over the internet are videos of people enjoying and making the most out of the snow build up. The latest craze on video though has been putting people dressed up as dinos in weird situations.

Just this morning we saw a Dinosaur shoveling snow in the Chicago area, but it's this video filmed in Ferndale, Michigan that has me rolling. A local resident turned the video on his phone on and captured a Jeep pulling a dinosaur on water skis down the street while blasting the Jurassic Park them from his speakers:

I spoke with the Ferndale resident, Eric Curry, who captured this video and found out how he was able to get a video of this happening:

I just saw them driving down my street and luckily they turned around and came back my way. So I went in and grabbed my phone. Funny stuff.

This gives me the gut feeling that we have only just begun to see dinosaur snow videos. It just goes to show you... life, uh... finds a way.




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