Canterbury Village in Lake Orion will once again be transformed into the Mesozoic Era with prehistoric dinosaurs and dragons roaming the grounds.

The Dino & Dragon Stroll returns to Canterbury Village this spring and will feature over 1000 life-like creatures, including the mighty T-Rex, Velociraptors, dragons and more.

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The dinosaurs, dragons, and other creatures all have  moving heads, necks, tails, wings, eyes blinking, mouths that open and close, breathing movements, synchronized sounds, and some even spray water. Some stand over 28 feet tall and span over 60 feet long.

The event also features bounce house inflatables, dinosaur scooters, walking dinosaur rides, stationary rides that give the opportunity to climb on a dinosaur to experience what it would be like to ride on one, and T-Rex ATV’s that children can ride along on a track circling a T-Rex.

Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz; Unsplash
Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz; Unsplash

When is the Dino & Dragon Stroll at Canterbury Village?

The Dino & Dragon Stroll returns to Canterbury Village May 19-22 and May 27-29, 2022.

How Much Are Tickets to the Dino & Dragon Stroll?

Timed tickets are from 4pm to 8pm. Admission is $24.99 per person, kids younger than 23 months and military personnel are free. Parking is only $5.

Tickets for the Dino & Dragon Stroll can be purchased here.

This is an outdoor walk-thru event and is hosted rain or shine.

I went to the Dino & Dragon Stroll a couple years back with some friends and their kids absolutely loved it. I promise the little ones will believe the dinosaurs are 100% real.

Where is Canterbury Village?

Canterbury Village is located 2359 Joslyn Ct, Orion Twp, MI 48360.

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