There is an RV park in Bear Lake, Michigan that, for years, was owned and operated by the same family. This led to the people at Kampvilla becoming close to everyone who made it a point to stay or live on the campgrounds. But one thing in particular stands out about this campground, and that's the giant yellow dinosaur that greets people upon entering the area. There actually used to be multiple dinosaurs, with this lone one being the one to stand the test of time, as former owner Becky Wethers explained:

They trucked it here many years ago, so its here as a landmark. His eyes light red at night. So even in the wintertime the people use it as a landmark in the snowstorms and it’s definitely been around here forever.

Earlier this year, the woman seen in the video below, who was the owner of this RV park for decades, decided to sell the park to spend more time with their daughters and grand daughters and try new adventures, as she expressed in a heartfelt announcement back in July:

The mobile home park residents, seasonals, and returning campers have been very special to us. We have loved watching your families grow and change as you also supported us as ours grew and changed. We appreciate the community welcoming us all those years ago and hope you will do the same for the new owners. Leaving is a little easier as we know that they want to carry on what we have started -- a safe place for families to reconnect, laugh, relax, and have fun.

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