Chloe Adams robs a Citizens bank so she can buy a pair of air Jordans and cash to throw a party for friends.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a woman from Livonia recently robbed a Citizens bank in order to buy herself a new pair of Air Jordans and crab legs. The article explains what happened...

Police say she entered the lobby at first, but left when she saw other people in the lobby. She came back in and went to a teller, police say, and passed a note to them that demanded money or "things would get bloody." Police say she left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

After her get-a-way Chloe headed for Chicago were she hosted a weekend barbecue for friends (that's were the crab legs came into play). Upon arriving home police arrested her and now she faces life in prison.

That is a steep price to pay and a horrible crime for a pair of sneakers and crab legs.

Other Odd Crimes That Have Happened In Michigan

I found a number of strange crimes that have occurred in the mitten state. Thanks to the Huffengton Post and here are some of the weird events.

  1. In 2011 A man in Petaskey, dressed as Batman was arrested for dangling off a 30-foot building. He was arrested and charged with several counts for carrying concealed weapons.
  2. Back in 2014 a Michigan teen was fined $200 for cursing near a play ground.
  3. In 2015 a 45-year-old woman lived in a Grand Blanc Walmart for 2 days before she was discovered and ticketed for 'disorderly person'.
  4. In 2017 a Birmingham man barricaded himself inside a home that was for sale until the homeowner looked at his offer for the home. The offer was rejected.
  5. This Memorial Day Weekend a 56-year old Milford man could be charged with assault and battery for licking his girlfriends 27-year old son, from chin to nose during a fight.





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