Dayton residents are both thrilled and confused by the anonymous pizza parties.

The first anonymous pizza donation happened on Wednesday, Jan 13th according to,

Brian Johnson, Pizza Bandit pizza partner, said the first anonymous pizza donation came through on Wednesday, Jan. 13, with a request that it be delivered to The Barrel House. Though it’s not known if the callers were related, a second anonymous caller ordered a pizza on Thursday for Omega Music.

That's where the story gets even more delicious, as Pizza Bandit decided to start matching every pizza donation with another free pizza.  So far a total of 72 pizzas have delighted unexpecting locals in Dayton, Ohio.  The campaign of matching anonymously donated pizzas is now complete.  Pizza Bandit simply couldn't afford to keep the campaign going, which is understandable.

The unanswered question still remains, who is donating all of this pizza?  Are all of the donations by the same person or were many locals inspired by the first couple of donated pizza parties which lead to them paying it forward?  Much like Area 51, we may never have the real answers to this mystery. And oh by the way, people are still anonymously donating pizzas through Pizza Bandit in Dayton.  This story both inspires me and makes me hungry.

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