With the record-breaking temperates across the State, we could all use a trick or two on how to stay toasty.Business Insider had a few great tips to help keep you warm this winter and you don't even have to turn up your thermostat to reap the rewards!

1. Wear Mittens Rather Then Gloves...

"Mittens offer more warmth since fingers have skin-to-skin contact with each other and can share body heat.

Mittens also tend to have a smaller surface area than gloves, which reduces heat loss, so when in doubt, always choose mittens."

2. Avoid Wearing Cotton

"Cotton clothes and socks are the absolute worst things you can wear during the winter, because cotton holds moisture and loses its insulating properties. If you sweat under your jacket, get wet from the snow, or if there's any moisture in the air, the cotton will quickly absorb it and keep it close to your skin, making you feel even colder."

3. Dry Your Shoes Quickly With Newspaper

'Once the snow starts to melt, shoes quickly become wet and are hard to dry. Most people think to put them near a heat source, but this can have the unwanted effect of shrinking your shoes. Instead, stuff wet shoes with newspaper. It will absorb the moisture quickly, though you might have to replace the newspaper a few times depending on how drenched your shoes are. You can also wrap the outside with the newspaper and secure with a few rubber bands."

4. Prep Your Shovel With Cooking Spray

"Shoveling snow is one of the worst winter tasks, so don't make it harder on yourself by not properly preparing. Rubbing vegetable oil, paraffin wax, or cooking spray onto your shovel ahead of time will keep the snow from sticking, and allow you to shovel faster and easier."

5. Bubble Wrap Your Windows

A lot of heat escapes through windows, unnecessarily increasing utility costs. For an easy way to insulate your window while still letting light in, use large bubble wrap and an Exacto knife.

You don't even need tape or glue — just mist water onto your window with a spray bottle, push the flat side of the wrap against the window and it will stay put and keep your room insulated for months.

You have any fun or interesting ways to stay warm during this bone-chilling winter please let me know.

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