Thanks to our mild fall weather, yards are being attacked by skunk's.

Be prepared to see many of this little monsters in your yard tearing it up to get their dinner. According to,  because we have not had a frost this season the grubs are still thriving in the dirt. So the skunks are in heaven...

"It's like their steak or shrimp, we'll call it a shrimp lets say," said Mark Mulholland, sales manager at Wedel's Greenhouses. "Nice, fat, juicy they love them."

Soon winter will be upon us, and when that happens the problem will be taken care of. Yet, if you can't wait for the cold weather has 5 ways to get rid of the skunks without using poison.

  1. Use Bright Lights - Skunks are nocturnal and hate light
  2. The Smell Of Citrus - Spread citrus peels around the edge of your yard, and the creatures will think twice about coming in (they hate the smell).
  3. The Smell Of Other Animals - Let your pup do his business in areas you have seen the skunks. If you don't have a pet you can buy urine.
  4. The Use Of Ammonia - Soak some rags in ammonia and place them in the area's you have seen a skunk.
  5. Remove Food Sources - Garbage cans, bird feeders, pet food, etc

I would love to know if you have tried any of these methods and your end result.

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