We have all had that awkward moment at work when someone says something you never expected to hear.

This morning in Kalamazoo, a coworker popped their head into my work space and made a statement that jarred me (see statement #1). That got me thinking, what other crazy things have I been told while at work.

5 Things You Never Want To Hear A Co-Work Say....

  1. "Just a heads up, the small women's bathroom toilet seat is sticky."
  2. "You look tired today."
  3. "On your way into work can pick up a urinal cake?"
  4. "Dude, company wide lay-offs are happening. Oh, and the boss wants to see you in her office."
  5. "Wow, you still work here...that's great."

What are the craziest things you have been told at work?  Of course when you work with someone who has a great sense of humor, life is always funny!


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