If you are a Lions fan, here are some things you should know.

Growing up in the Detroit area, you learn to love our Detroit Lions...even if they don't win often. Lions fans are the best! They stand by their team, and at the start of every season with the hope that "this could be the year". Maybe this is the year that the Lions go all they way to the Superbowl (again, hopeful at the start of the season).

So here are some important facts to know about the Detroit Lions, and if you would like to know more visit Funtrivia.com

5 Things A Detroit Lion Fan Needs To Know...

  1. In 1934 the Portsmouth Spartans were sold and became the Detroit Lions.
  2. The unofficial Lions theme song is "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen.
  3. In 1934 Lions played the 1st Thanksgiving Day, the "Turkey Classic".
  4. In 1970, Motown Singer Marvin Gaye, tried out for the Lions
  5. Lions Quarter Back Joey Harrington (2002-2005) had 2 nicknames..."Piano Man" and Joey "Sunshine".

Bonus Fact...

The Lions played at Tiger Stadium for their 1938-1939 season

Whatever this season holds for our Lions, lets just enjoy all the games.

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