"Seriously??? You can't take a purse into the stadium?" That was the reaction of one of my co-workers. I bet she's not alone.Western Michigan University has instituted some changes to what you can or can't bring into Waldo Stadium.

On the NOT ALLOWED list are:

  • Backpacks
  • Bincocular Cases
  • Camera Cases
  • Cinch Bags
  • Fanny Packs
  • Tinted and Printed Pattern Plastic Bags
  • Oversized Tote Bags
  • Diaper Bags
  • Mesh Bags
  • Video cameras, tripods and selfie sticks

And Purses!

On the approved list are Large Clear Plastic Bag, Clutch and Clear Freezer Bag.

To enhance existing security measures and expedite venue entry at Waldo Stadium for home Western Michigan football games, a new clear bag policy will be implemented that regulates the size and type of bags that may be carried into event venues.

With CommUniversity Night this Saturday, this will be the first time Bronco fans will have to deal with this.

But wait, there is a glimmer of good news...WMU says "non-amplified noisemakers are permitted (cow bells, thunder sticks, vuvuzela horns, etc.)



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