It is not a bad thing to have your fur baby cuddle up with you at night!

Many homes have the policy that pets are not allowed on the bed or to sleep with you at night. Yet, there are very good reasons for letting your four legged friends curl up with you at night. The had some positive things to say about sleeping with your dog...

It may also create a greater bond between you and your dog. Let's face it: it's hard to beat a warm, furry bundle of unconditional love.

Plus if that is not enough encouragement, according to here is why it is great to sleep with your pet...

  1. You will feel safer
  2. They keep you warm
  3. They relieve stress
  4. It will reduce depression
  5. It will help you fall to sleep faster

Everyone has their own house rules but did you know that veterinarians say that if you keep your pet healthy it is totally safe to sleep with them.

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