Don't let the fall season slip away without having some fun!

Fall is more then leaf peeping, haunted house, cider and trick or treating. Fall is what you make of it. Here are 5 fun, thinking outside the box (as well as in the box) ideas you can share with family and friends this fall season.

Have a Burn (this is only for people that live in area's that allow burns). This is super fun, my cousins do it every year. Invite friends over for a bon fire, and the only rule is that they have to bring something other then a log to burn; i.e. and old chair or table, anything that is wood. Then you just hang out!

Tailgate - Many people do tailgate and it is a blast! We have WMU right in our own back yard and what a better way to spend a Saturday then at a game with friends. As with any tailgating party, make sure check the college's rules (don't want to ruin a good day by being kicked out)!

Pumpkin Bowling - Gather family or friends...or heck, both. Set up soda bottles at the end of the drive way (just like at the bowling alley) and us a pumpkin as your bowling bowl. It's a hoot to watch and even more fun to play!

Host a Chill Cook Off - This is great. Have friends come over and everyone brings their special chill for all to try. You can vote, award prizes, whatever you want. But I will tell you, there is nothing nicer then sitting outside, enjoying a bowl of chill on a clear fall evening.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - If you have never done this I highly recommend taking a ride, and if you haven't, you should! Floating above all the trees with the colors changing will truly take your breath away (and it's not scary)!

Those are just a few ideas on how to spend time enjoying the fall, let me know what you do!


Alan Kazam with Heather McGregor

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