This small Michigan Village of just 3,000 people has some of the best Pizza, UFO sightings and more.  Check out the 5 Fun Facts About Vicksburg, MI below.

#5. Jaspare's Pizza

Jaspare's Pizza opened its first location in Vicksburg in 1977 and is known as one of West Michigan's best Pizza places.

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza


#4. Prairie View Dog Park

Dogs from all over West Michigan bring their people to this dog park!

Me posing with Juno at the dog park in Vicksburg


#3. Red Swamp Crayfish Live In Vicksburg

Did you know the "Mudbugs" have been taking over the waters of Vicksburg?  Click here to learn more.

Crayfish Boil
Viktor Lugovskoy


#2. There are recent UFO sightings from Vicksburg

There are hundreds of UFO sightings in the state of Michigan over the last couple of years.  Click here for more info.



#1. Vicksburg has been around since 1871.

According to wikipedia, 

John Vickers, the town's namesake, settled in the area in 1831. It was incorporated as a village of the state in 1871.

Google Maps
Google Maps


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