Just hours before Amanda Dietz of Vicksburg purchased her lottery ticket she gave a speech about...student loan debt!  Sounds like she was destined to win.  Dietz, who won $300,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Multi-Prize Bingo instant game told the Michigan Lottery,

“The day I bought my ticket, I had just given a speech about student loan debt. I told the audience how wonderful it would be to win the Lottery to wipe all of my debt out at once, and now here I am,” said Dietz. “It’s incredible.”

How awesome is that?  I could not be more happy for her.  It's worth noting how much of a huge problem student loan debt is in America when your first thought after winning the lotto is paying that off.

Amanda purchased her ticket at a Speedway gas station in Schoolcraft, MI.

What would you with $300,000 of lotto winnings?  Let us know in the facebook comments.



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