One thing is for sure, Galesburg loves their cars!  Well, not police cars.  Find out 5 fun facts about this tiny town of just over 2,000 people below.

This week our series on small West Michigan towns focus on the small town between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo just off of I-94, Galesburg.  Here are 5 fun facts about Galesburg, MI.

#5.  Since 1947 Galesburg has been home to its very own racetrack.

According to,

Galesburg Speedway was built by the Beebe family back in 1947 and had been continuously providing racing action for all these years.

It looks like the track did close temporarily during the 2011 season but has since re-opened.

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#4.  Speaking of cars, have you been to the Go Go Classic Cars & Showroom?

If you want to see classic cars like a 1956 Chevrolet or a 1958 Packard Hawk you'll have to make an appointment!  Get more info on their website by clicking here.

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#3.  There Is No Longer A Police Department.

The decision was made on January 12th, 2018 to disband the Galesburg police department just a month after they fired its police chief according to

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#2.  The first name for this small Michigan town was Morton.

Wikipedia tells us that Galesburg was first called "Morton" in 1835. The village became Galesburg in 1861.

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#1.  PETA Once Offered the Galesburg Meat Company $10,000.

OK, let me explain.  The Galesburg Meat Company burned down in July of 2016 (click here to read more on that story.)  PETA then offered $10,000 to the business if they re-opened as a vegan butcher shop.  The Galesburg Meat Company has since re-opened in its original form.

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