This young Indiana man completely destroyed a family owned liquor store.

Indiana State Police
Indiana State Police

WLFI spoke to the Todd Spille, the son of the owner of Brookston Spirits about this crazy incident,

According to Indiana State Police they received a call early Sunday morning that a truck was erratically driving from Chalmers. Police tried intercepting the vehicle but- "Before they could do that, he had ran through the liquor store, through the center of it,” said Spille.


It is ironic that a drunk driver would drive through a liquor store of all places.  I should say alleged drunk driver as Stowers refused to take a sobriety test according to WLFI,

Stowers refused to take a field sobriety test. A search warrant for Stowers blood was applied for and granted. Stowers was booked into the White County Jail and faces a preliminary charge of Operating While Intoxicated Refusal. Results from the blood draw are pending.

This is not only a huge blow to this small family business but also the employees who will be out of work until they are able to pick up the pieces.


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