The more you think about this, the more daunting it sounds. Imagine a project to paint the Mackinac Bridge. And it's not like you can improvise with doodles or cartoon characters or even flowers. You're painting the same color...over and over and over again. And even the when the weather is nice up North, it isn't always that many feet up.

All this comes up because the Mackinac Bridge is in the midst of being painted. "Anyone who is familiar with the scale and size of the Mackinac Bridge can understand the planning and effort required to clean and repaint the towers," Mackinac Bridge Authority Executive Secretary Kim Nowack says. "The awards our contractors have won are a testament to the excellent work that is being done to preserve the bridge."

The award Nowack is talking about is the E. Crone Knoy Award. It "recognizes an outstanding achievement in industrial or commercial coatings work that demonstrates innovation, excellence in craftsmanship, or the use of state-of-the-art techniques or products to creatively solve problems or provide long-term service." The contractors receiving the award are Seaway Painting of Livonia. The award itself comes from the Society for Protective Coatings, an industry group focused on protecting and preserving concrete, steel, and other industrial and marine structures.

Nice job folks. Now, get back to work.

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