I cannot believe that, in the year 2021, we are still talking about the Flint water crisis. Don't misunderstand, my shock isn't at the fact that it's still discussed. It's at the fact that it's still ongoing.

Earlier this year, Water & Waste Digest published an article taking a look at the Flint water crisis on it's 7 year anniversary. It brings attention to the water crisis settlement and process of replacing the lead pipes. You can read it here.

Wanting to learn more, I started reading stories from residents about their struggle with obtaining clean drinking water and people who were making a difference. That's when I came across an ongoing fundraiser by someone dubbed 'Little Miss Flint'.

Who is Little Miss Flint?

Little Miss Flint, also known as Mari Copeny, is a young girl from Flint who has been advocating for her community for a long time.

Just a couple of years ago, at age 11, she gained national recognition for her advocacy work even landing a feature on Good Morning America. According to GMA, Copeny started holding weekly water distributions after Flints water became undrinkable to many communities. You can read more here or see their coverage below:

What's the goal?

On the Gofundme that I stumbled across, the goal is currently listed at $1Million. Currently, the number raised sits at $614,576 and, as the description points out, Flint is not the only community in need:

Across the country there are cities and communities being faced with their own water crisis, some have water even more toxic then Flint. This is why I want to bring clean water not to just my community but to other communities across the country that are facing their own water crisis.

Now, at 13 years old, she's partnered with a company that provides state of the art water filters in the hopes that clean, safe drinking water can be provided to those in need.

How can I help?

The Gofundme for Little Miss Flint is active and ongoing. You can donate here. Otherwise, I always say that even if all you can do is share the story to bring awareness to the situation it still makes a big difference.

Mari Copeny, clearly, is going to make an incredible impact in this world as she continues her philanthropic work. Even now, while continuing to fight for clean drinking water, she's set up a fundraiser to help kids going back to school:

Truly, she's setting an example of what it means to be supportive of your community. Absolutely incredible.

You can follow her journey online (she has her own website) or follow her on social media. She has both Instagram and Twitter.

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