Sure Hollywood is where you think most movies get made, but what if we told you that there's quite a history of movie making here in Michigan. We found, thanks to, that 11 of our favorite films have a connection to our home state. The website claims more, but the other films supposedly took place in Michigan but were not filmed here.

  • 1

    True Romance

    Starring Christian Slater

    This film was shot in Detroit and Southern CA

    True Romance in a 1993, dark romantic comedy by Quinten Tarentino starting Christian Slater as a comic book nerd and Patricia Arquette as hooker. The two fall in love and find themselves being chased by the mob.

  • 2

    Road to Perdition

    Starring Tom Hanks

    This film was shot in Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, Zeeland and West Olive

    Tom Hanks stars as an enforcer for the mob and finds himself needing to flee town with his son, that is  when the journey begins.

  • 3

    8 Mile

    The movie was shot in Warren, Southfield, Southgate, Highland Park and Streling Heights

    This film stars Eminem, who portrays a poor kid from the streets of Detroit who is following his dreams to become a rapper.

  • 4

    5 Year Engagement

    This film was done in Ann Arbor, Detroit, San Francisco and Sonoma CA

    This movie stars Jason Segal and Emily Blunt. A comedy about a couple that gets engaged but life gets in the way and they have to post pone the wedding.

  • 5

    Grosse Pointe Blank

    This movie was filmed in Grosse Pointe, Detroit and California

    John Cusack stars in this film! John plays a professional assassin who is hired for a 'hit' in his home town. The twist comes when the job is ironically at the same time as his high school reunion.

  • 6

    Dream Girls

    Filmed in Michigan

    With a killer cast of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy and Danny Glover, this is a tale of 3 ladies road to fame in the 1960's.

  • 7

    Beverly Hills Cop

    Filmed ini Detroit, LA, and Beverly Hills

    Eddie Murphy stars as cop 'Axel Foley' who's childhood friend is murdered in Detroit, he then sets out to solve the case.

  • 8

    Gran Torino

    Filmed in Hihgland Park, Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Royal Oak and Centerline

    Clint Eastwood stars in this movie about a retired auto work and vet who takes on the gangs in his neighborhood.

  • 9

    Up In The Air

    This film was made in Detroit, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Miami, Missouri and Omaha

    George Clooney stars as an executive who believes in face to face meetings with clients. He takes a young employee along with him, then starts to have feelings for her.

  • 10

    Out Of Sight

    Filmed in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, LA and Louisiana

    George Clooney plays a bank robber who fall in love with a Federal Agent played by Jennifer (JLo) Lopez.

  • 11

    Escanaba In Da Moonlight

    This movie was filmed in Escanaba and the UP

    Jeff Daniels stars in this flick about a family who loves to hunt, but member has never bagged a deer.

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