So before we get into the ultimate fail that was 103.3 KFR's Marc Andrews' birthday cake, you should know about, which it has been submitted to. is a site where you can submit a photo of your cake or desert that was completely botched, or screwed up, where people can share in your laughter. So, yesterday, June 19th, was Marc Andrews' birthday. His husband Ricky had called a bakery, which will remain nameless.Ricky had originally posted the picture on Facebook, saying: This is [what happens] when you’re not super specific or maybe when the baker’s hearing isn’t that great. 
“Hey there. I’d like to get a cake for my husband. I’d like it to say Happy Birthday Marc with a c.” Well, they took what he said a little too literally, with a touch of hearing issues, had spelled out, Happy Brithday Mark With The Sea. Wow, instantly "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid popped into my head. Not 100% sure it's ACTUALLY his but either way, I enjoyed a good laugh. See the picture here!

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