Living in a dorm or off campus, here are 10 things every college needs for the school year!

Bronco Bash is just around the corner (August 28th from 3 pm to 7 pm) plus my beautiful niece is starting her second year at Grand Valley (Go Lakers). So I started thinking about what every young adult needs for their college adventure (and no, a fake I.D. is not on the list!

I did my research and found a great website that had the must have's for every college kid (parents get out your wallets)!

Store all of your off season clothing, extra blankets and shoes under the bed in these easily accessible pull out chests. To make it even easier on yourself, utilize bed risers and you may even be able to double your storage capacity under the bed.

You’ll find you have tons of extra space when you use these ultra-skinny hangers. An extra tip? Using all of the same type of hanger will help keep things organized, looking neat and hanging straight – another way to save space.

A great way to show off your personality is with a fun and funky shower curtain. Try one of these recommendations!

Handy to keep in your dorm room or your bedroom (so your pals don’t steal your expensive organic food), this mini fridge is convenient and fun, all packed into one package. The front is a Dry Erase board that allows you to write, doodle and decorate to your heart’s content – making it fun to keep your food cool.

Who needs a pet when you have a mini robot? Plus, he cleans up after you make small messes.

When you’re limited on space, the key rule to follow is to find dual purpose items whenever you can. That’s why a storage ottoman is perfect for just that reason. You can use it as a footstool, a table and to tuck away any items you may like to store inside. Talk about multi-tasking – this is one impressive little ottoman!

You never know where you’ll be when your phone runs out of battery – especially in college, when you’re constantly on the go. You’d be wise to purchase a backup charger to keep with you at all times. It’s compatible with most devices, but make sure that it fits yours before purchasing – just in case.

Cook like a champion with a mini grill, making it easier and more accessible than ever before. With little-to-no-effort meals, in no time, you’ll be happy you decided to go for the grill.

There will come a time this year where you need to down out your roommate (or mates), friends or people nearby while trying to focus. That’s when some noise canceling headphones will come in handy. Because it’s not always convenient or practical to pack up and study elsewhere or ask someone to leave.

Show your school spirit with decals that celebrate your school’s sports team. The decals will easily come off post-season.

And the most important!

Don’t fuss with coffee pots! Get a single cup mini brewer, like this Keurig 1-cup mini brewer. They even come in lots of fun colors. All you need to do is place a coffee pod in, press “brew” and you’re as good as caffeinated.


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