With September, pumpkin spice, cooler weather, and hoodie season right around the corner, one thing people are excited about is the changing of seasons. For some people, like myself, the changing of the seasons means fighting allergies and colds as the weather changes, but for others, it's a celebration. Many humans call fall their favorite season for a number of reasons and nature would be one of the biggest.

Being out in nature during the months of September, October, and November can be some of the best times you have in the year. Whether you're out enjoying a sporting event, sitting on your porch, outside playing with friends, or taking care of home projects the nature around you is an everchanging beautiful world at this time of year. Kalamazoo has plenty of astounding natural beauty to showcase.

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If you don't feel like taking the fall road trip to see all the colors, no worries, I got you covered with places right here in Greater Kalamazoo and Portage that can give you similar results. There are tons of places here in Kalamazoo where you can fulfill your fall color fix. Not to mention there is an abundance of outdoor activities available to partake in during the fall months. Kalamazoo is full of parks, trails, and nature preserves that are loaded with beautiful fall scenery.

Al Sabo, West Lake, Spring Valley Park, and Asylum lake may sound familiar to a handful of you, these are a few here in town that I have frequented with friends over the years. Check out this gallery that has 10 spots in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas that have the best fall colors.

10 Spots In Kalamazoo With The Best Fall Colors

Nature Preserves, Trails, and Parks in Greater Kalamazoo with great scenery, amazing nature, and an amazing array of fall colors!

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