With kids back in school, temps fluctuating, and simply the time of year, cold and flu season has started.

The common cold took the life out of me this weekend, and even though the Night Quill helped, I needed more assistance in easing my systems. I discovered a great list of helpful hints at Webmd.com to help battle through my sickness...

  1. Drink Up - fluids help to break up congestion, sooth your throat and keep you dehydrated.
  2. Make It Steamy - To loosen your stuffy nose, breath in steam (a cup of tea would do just fine)!
  3. Blow Your Nose - Blowing is better then sniffing mucus back into your head.
  4. Use A Neti Pot - It will help drain not only your nose but your sinus's.
  5. Stay Warm And Rested - Your body is fighting a germ war, help your body heal by staying warm and getting a lot of sleep!
  6. Gargle With Warm Salt Water - This will help relieve a sore or scratchy throat.
  7. Drink Hot Liquids - It will help ease congestion.
  8. Use A Mentholated Salve - A swipe of it under your nose will help you breath better.
  9. Put Hot Packs On Your Sinuses - It will help to drain them.
  10. Put An Extra Pillow Under Your Head When Laying Down - It will help to relieve contested nasal passages and ease your cough

If you are fighting a sickness, I hope you feel better soon and remember ice cream can't hurt in the healing process!


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