Say fiction someday becomes reality and a mass disease turns the human population into brain-dead, flesh-craving zombies. Good news, Kalamazoo residents, you are in one of America's safest cities to ride out a zombie apocalypse. recently came out with a study that looks at the safest locations in America should a nuclear or zombie apocalypse ever befall us.

Kalamazoo ranks as the 5th best city in the nation for survival of the undead, behind Lubbock, Texas; Deltona, Florida; San Louis Obispo, California and Oklahoma City.

What makes Kalamazoo so survivable? The author of the article points to

  1. The fitness of the population - to outrun the hoards
  2. An area where hunting is popular and firearms and shooting ranges are plentiful. Check.
  3. Saferooms and bunkers - presumably tornado shelters here in the Midwest
  4. And nearby military facilities, like Fort Custer, with an ample supply of weapons to annihilate the oncoming zombie hoards

So there you have it. Kalamazoo is the place to be when the dead rise. Check out's full list of best and worst cities in the apocalypse here.

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