People are polled all the time. To borrow a line from David Letterman, we all know how quite painful that can be. But this site called posted each state's favorite sandwiches. They say Michigan's is a corned beef sandwich.

Here's where I get confused and a bit nit-picky (maybe because I'm hungry). Are we talking a true corned beef sandwich, like from a deli? Or are we talking a Reuben sandwich, which is kind of a corned beef sandwich? Both are fine. There's a place in downtown Grand Rapids, Flanagan's, that I remember making the best Rueben I've ever had; lots of juicy corned beef, butter grilled dark rye, Russian dressing, sour kraut, you get the idea. But, that's a Rueben.

A corned beef sandwich is not that. You get a corned beef sandwich usually at a traditional deli. It has a ton of sliced, real (not pressed) hot, corned beef, on fresh rye bread, with some great mustard and a dill pickle. Which is fine, but where in these parts can you get that? Yes, there's one or two places that doing something close, but it more something you find in a big city, not here. It's hard enough to get a good rye bread around here. And actually, I'd settle for a hot pastrami sandwich right about now. Hot pastrami is like a beloved cousin to the corned beef sandwich.

That's where this survey doesn't work for me. If the corned beef sandwich is Michigan's favorite, then it should be available pretty much anywhere in the state, like pasties. (that's a joke. I know they're mainly up North and the UP only)

I'll tell you something else, looking at the other state's favorites, oh, man, it makes you really hungry for the authentic version of those sandwiches. Listen to this: Philly cheesesteaks, Tampa or Miami Cuban sandwiches, Po Boys from New Orleans, and a fresh lobster roll in Maine. And I can't forget, from my home town, a Chicago Italian Beef. Now, that's what I'm talking about.

And not to end this on a negative note, but Massachusetts, what are you thinking? With all the great food available, this story says their favorite sandwich is a Fluffernutter, peanut butter and marshmellow....No!

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