Mark down January 12th as a day that will live in sandwich infamy. Well, maybe not infamy, but certainly a day to remember for those of us who love Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Shawarma King on Drake Rd. in Kalamazoo will unveil the Hot Cheeto Chicken Sandwich on that scared day and according to the Shawarma King web site, we owe it all to sandwich connoisseur Chef Nidal Awad.  Now I don't know Nidal but he certainly has a good eye for a sandwich as this delectable treat looks like it will bring the crunch AND the heat. That to just sandwich bliss.

Many on the Shawarma Facebook page agree with me as well. Andrea Zerilli states: " I need this". Rebekah Poxson even asks if that's garlic sauce on there, which Shawarma King replies "Yes it is" which makes this sandwich so much more desirable.  Many sandwich lovers like myself are spreading the word by alerting their friends as well. Melissa LaVanway simply "hearts" Samantha Hartman.

This sandwich has inspired me to create my own check it out:


This what I have dubbed: The Fritos Banditos Roast Beef Sandwich. A sandwich that robs your taste buds! Ingredients include fresh roast beef on sesame seed Italian bread, topped with cucumbers, swiss cheese and Fritos corn chips, all lathered in a special honey-mustard ranch sauce. It's quite delicious I might add.

Now I'm no Nidal Awad when it comes to sandwich making but thank you sir for the inspiration and I'll see you at Shawarma King on Tuesday!

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