Prince first wife Mayte is coming to Chicago to teach us how to belly dance.  Who's in?

Mayte worked as a professional belly dancer since she was a very small child.  She was so good at her job that she had saved up over $100,000 while in high school.  She was able to buy her first car and her clothes with her own money.  Impressive.

As a huge Prince fan I became aware of Mayte after the release of Prince's "Love Symbol" album.  Not only was she a dancer for that tour but she was the focus of the album.  Mayte was one of Prince's main dancer for years and she collaborated with the Purple Yoda on other audio and video projects.

Mayte Garcia's belly dancing class will be held at the American Rhythm Centre (ARC) in Chicago on Saturday, December 14th from 5-8 PM.  If you're interested you can get more info and purchase tickets by clicking here.

You can watch Mayte dance below.


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