While I was driving back to my house in Mattawan yesterday, a HUGE rainstorm came crushing along I-94. I guess I didn't realize just how strong the weather was gonna get. My visibility was limited to only a few yards ahead of me. While it was nice because mother nature was supplying me with a free car wash, they were actually getting a ton of hail in Vicksburg. In fact, by the evening there was so much hail accumulation on the ground, you could make snow angels in it.

One woman, Kelly Graham, took a picture of her son doing so, as well as the nearly foot of "snow" that had built up on the ground after the storm had ended. The storm also was so strong that I've seen pictures of trees that were completely torn down from the winds. It just figures, that even in summer we can't get away from the snow in Michigan. Check out the pictures below:


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