Bullock Creek High School is attempt a world record with toilet paper.

If you walk in the the school atrium you find 27,000 rolls of toilet paper stacked neatly to form a 16 feet 3 inches tall pyramid.

Maxton Hearst said it took 4 years to convince the robotics team to do this and then just 16 hours to build.

The Blitzcreek Robotics team has also come up with an idea to help the community with their giant stack of toilet paper according to WNEM.com,

In their attempt to break the record, the team is also helping out the community.  “So we are going to deconstruct the pyramid and we are selling the toilet paper as a fundraiser for our team,” Maxton said.

WNEM also points out that you can help the robotics team meat their goal by purchasing toilet paper from them by emailing them at Blitzcreek3770@gmail.com or hit them up on facebook by clicking here.

Check out this crazy toilet paper pyramid in the Mlive video below.

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