You will not believe how high this Michigan ski jump is.  It looks terrifying.

Ironwood, near the northwestern corner of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is the home of the largest artificial ski jump in the world.  At one time, the Copper Peak ski jump was the largest active ski jump in the Western hemisphere.  So, just how large is this towering structure of winter sports?  It towers nearly 1,800 feet above sea level according to the official Copper Peak website,

Copper Peak is the largest artificial ski jump in the world. The 35-degree, 469-foot, cantilevered inrun was constructed using 300 tons of COR-TEN steel in 1969 at a cost of just over $1 million.

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If I'm being honest, reading the numbers "469-foot" doesn't do this ski jump justice.  You have to factor in the fact that this very large structure is on top of a mountain.  To get a better idea of just how high that is, this drone footage that was filmed in 2017 really hits it home.

When you look at this ski jump you're probably focusing on what it would be like sliding down it.  But let's talk about what it's like getting to the top.  That's a journey all by itself.  First, you have to ride a chairlift that gets you to the top of the hill. Once you get to the base of the ski jump you take the 18-story elevator to the observation deck.  Then you would climb a few flights of stairs to get to the top of the jump.

The Copper Peak ski jump has been nicknamed "Suicide Hill."  Speaking of Suicide Hill, there are two other noteworthy ski jumps in Michigan's UP. Suicide Hill Ski Jump in Ishpeming and the Pine Mountain Jump also in Ironwood.

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