I have been telling you about my first time pretty much renovating a house. Everything from sanding and staining the hardwood floors to repainting doors, walls and trim! Wow, it takes some time to get it all done.  l took a few days off of work to finish it, but there are things that still need to be done. Those things will have to wait because move out deadline is Monday.

I have a feeling it will be constant weekend projects for a while, and I am ok with that! By doing a lot of the back-breaking work myself and with the help of Kaysie, family, and friends, this house will be looking awesome by the end of summer--and the best part is, I didn't have to spend a fortune to get it all done.

I just keep taking everyone's advice to get one little thing done at a time. So I'll let you know what the next project will be and if it goes as planned!