Following the Michigan loss to Ohio State Saturday, Jim Harbaugh did not pull any punches about the officials.  Now, he and Michigan are paying the price.

There were more than a couple bad calls that could have changed the course of the game that went in Ohio State's favor.  Even the TV commentators pointed them out as they were happening.  After Michigan's double OT loss to Ohio State, Coach Harbaugh went off!

According to the Detroit Free Press,

The conference stated in a release today that Harbaugh violated the Big Ten sportsmanship policy.

"The Big Ten determined that Harbaugh's postgame comments regarding officials were in violation of Big Ten Conference Agreement 10.01, which states in part, 'The Big Ten Conference expects all contests involving a member institution to be conducted without compromise to any fundamental element of sportsmanship. Such fundamental elements include integrity of competition, civility toward all, and respect, particularly toward opponents and officials."

Am I the only one that finds it odd that the Big Ten hasn't addressed the bad calls but they hit Harbaugh so hard so fast?  The USA Today adds,

Harbaugh's comments that he was "bitterly disappointed in the officiating" dominated his postgame press conference and shined light on the multiple officiating inconsistencies in the game. He cited the four-and-one spot that extended OSU's game-winning drive, spoke about multiple called and uncalled interference penalties and discussed his own unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he was told it was like a technical foul in basketball.

The Big Ten did not publicly address the officials' performance.

Michigan was find $10,000 on top of Coach Harbaugh's reprimand.