The river water in Flint should be avoided at all costs.

As if Flint Michigan did not have enough issues with their water supply, now the Flint river has been jeopardized due to the crazy Michigan weather.

The Health department in Flint is urging people to avoid contact with the water in the Flint River. This is all due to the heavy rain fall this week and a sewage leak. is reporting that...

The Flint Wastewater Treatment Plant began dumping a mixture of stormwater and sewage into the river near the Mill Street bridge on Tuesday.

When the rain fall was as tremendous as it was on Tuesday the water treatment plant retention and the treatment basin dump into the river when the flow of water reaches capacity. According to the news report...

The sewage mixture puts levels of harmful bacteria into the waterway, so everyone is urged to avoid contact until the notice is lifted.

This breaks my heart as we near the end of winter. The Flint River used to be a great place to enjoy summer time sports, i.e fishing, lazy tubing, canoeing, and simply wading near deep by the shore. No though, I would never take the chance of being exposed to all the toxins dumped in that lovely river.

Flint River

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