Ohio State University made national news this weekend.  Not because of their come from behind double OT victory over the Michigan Wolverines.  

Saturday during the Ohio State vs Michigan game Barstool OSU tweeted a photo showing OSU fans standing in front of a sign that reads "Michigan Girls: More Diseased Than Flint Water."

According to WSBT-TV,

The picture has received hundreds of retweets and likes, but many are commenting that the fans went way too far when instead of going after the school, players, or fans, they mocked a public health crisis. Kenya Bell, a Miss USA semi-finalist and former Miss Michigan, called it "truly classless and shows no empathy."

The Flint Water Crisis has been poisoning residents since April of 2014.  Residents still do NOT have clean drinking water.

Do you think this is "all in good fun," or did these fans go to far?  Leave your comments below.

As for the game, Ohio State beat Michigan by 3 points after double overtime.