It's common sense, but the best time to make sure your car is ready for winter is while it's still nice out. Here's some things to check before it's snowing and cold.

Snow Again on car
(Photo illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
  • First and maybe most important, check your tires. If they're close to bald, well, I know they're expensive, but you don't want to be driving on snow, or worse, ice, on bald tires. Another thing you may want to look into is winter tires, but for most folks, all weather tires are just fine.
  • Windshield wipers. Yes, they've gotten pricey, but again, if it's a day when there's melting happening and your windshield is getting splattered, this is something that you need to swap out. And you can do it all by yourself and not pay through the nose at an oil change place. It's really not difficult.
  • Check your battery posts, If there's a lot of corrosion built up, take some steel wool or a wire brush and clean it off. Probably would be a good idea to take the positive and negative (NOT TOGETHER) contacts and clean them. I know this sounds crazy, but a little honey helps keep corrosion off, too.
  • Double check your headlights and taillights. Because you don't want a ticket and because you really do want people to see your car when it's snowing hard.
  • Might want to also pack an emergency kit: Stuff, just in case your stuck in the middle of nowhere and it's freezing. I'm thinking gloves, wool hat and a blanket is a good start. A flashlight, LED flashers/flares, a spare phone charger, snacks and kitty litter for traction, if you’re stuck, are all good ideas too

Again, it's common sense stuff.. If you drive a small, lightweight car, a bag or two of gravel or salt for more weight in the back not a bad idea, either.


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